The Perception of Residence about Role of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in Preserving the Urban Green Spaces in Tehran




The purpose of this research was to study the role of non-governmental organization in
preserving of urban green areas in the city of Tehran. This is a descriptive-correlation
research method. Population of this study was 120 active members of two non-governmental
organizations in Tehran. After distributing the questionnaires, 62 questionnaires were
returned. Content and face validity of the instrument were confirmed by experts in the field
of agricultural extension and education and environmental protection. Reliability of the
questionnaire measured by cronbach's alpha coefficient and its coefficient was 0.83. The
results of spearman correlation coefficient test indicated that there was significant
relationship between access to the educational materials, contacts with municipality and nongovernmental
organizations, providing financial resources to non-governmental
organizations as independent variables and dependent variable. Results obtained from
multiple regressions analysis show that providing financial resources to non-governmental
organizations, participating in municipality planning programs and level of education had
impact on preservation of urban green area.