Effect of Different Somatic Cell Levels on Nitrogen Components of Yoghurt Milk and Probiotic Set Yoghurt During Storage Life




Nitrogen components of yoghurt milk samples and resulting probiotic set yoghurt were
determined. Analyses included total nitrogen (TN), non-casein nitrogen (NCN), non-protein
nitrogen (NPN), casein nitrogen (CN) and proteolysis index (PI). Yoghurt samples were
analyzed 1, 7, 14 and 21days after production and storage at 5±1°C. TN, CN and PI contents
of yoghurt milk samples with high Somatic Cell SC level were lower than yoghurt milk with
low SC (p<0.05). NCN and NPN concentrations of yoghurt milk increased by the elevation
of SC level, however differences between low and medium milk samples were not
significant. During storage life, TN and CN contents of all yoghurt samples decreased
significantly. NCN and NPN concentrations of probiotic yoghurt samples increased (p<0.05)
after 21 days. It was concluded that SC level elevation in milk decreased casein as a
percentage of true protein in the resulting probiotic yoghurt throughout storage for 21 days