Factors Affecting the Partnership between Public and Private Sectors in Developing Agricultural Biotechnology




Agricultural experts in the field of biotechnology in Iran were surveyed in order to explore their
perception about factors affecting the partnership between public and private sector in
developing agricultural biotechnology. The research population included Agricultural
biotechnology experts in the public and private sectors (N=66). A series of in-depth interviews
were conducted with some biotechnology experts in the Ministry of Agriculture and
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute to examine the validity of questionnaire. A
questionnaire was developed based on these interviews and relevant literature. The data
collected by interviewing the respondents and analyzed by using factor analysis technique. To
determine the appropriateness of data and measure the homogeneity of variables, the Kaiser-
Meyer-Olkin (KMO) and Bartlett’s test measures were applied. KMO amount and meaningful
level of Bartlett test for policy making and economic factors shows that they are very suitable
for factorial analysis. Based on the results of study, intellectual property rights and allocating
low interest rate financial facilities to private companies affected the partnership between
public and private sector.