Investigating the Role of Educational Factors to Protect Urban Landscapes in Tehran Metropolitan




The purpose of this research was to assess the role of educational factors in protecting urban
landscapes in Tehran Metropolitan. This is a quantitative research, applied and descriptivecorrelation
method was used. The research population consisted of all participants in educational
courses held by Tehran municipality (N=300) and 172 of them selected by using simple random
sampling method. To gather data in the field a questionnaire was employed. The content and face
validity of the research instrument was confirmed by specialists in the field of agricultural
extension and education. Cronbach Coefficient was applied for the purpose of reliability and 0.90
was obtained. Findings indicated that there was a statistically significant relationship between
communication channels, interest of participants, skill of participants, teaching methods,
participants' motivation, educational content program, educator, educational objectives and people
motivation and dependent variable. The obtained results from multiple regressions could explain
the variance of dependent variable (participant’s motivation to protect urban landscapes) from
independent variables showed that communication channels, skill and interest of participants
contribute to the variation of dependent variable.