Use of Statistical Mix to Understand Legitimate Statistical Competency of Agricultural Extension, Education and Rural Development Students




Investment in research is indeed a "rational" investment. Thesis issues and projects in higher
education are the sources of research at educational institutions and have an evident role in helping
professionals and researchers. However, lack of fit scientific methods along with the ignorance of
the proper processes of science has somewhat diminished the importance of research. This study
points out the dire need to examine "standards" which are based on the statistical competency in
graduates. Preliminary survey investigations and content analysis of Ph.D dissertations (N1= 69)
and master thesis (n=246 out of N2=648) in agricultural extension, education and rural
development in Iran showed that the applied statistical procedures were rarely eligible and
appropriate. For this study were used combines quantitative methods (survey) and qualitative
(content analysis). In the end, student could improve knowledge content about statistic when
consideration and using from sequential statistics by agricultural extension and education students,
can give them holistic view from using statistical test to exploit of mix and together statistical test.