Physicochemical Changes of Impacted Tomatoes with Pendulum Mechanical Forces




Tomato is one of the sensitive fruits to mechanical impacts and physical tensions. The most
mechanical damages arise from handling which results in reducing tomato quality. in this study,
impact energy effect has been studied in 3 different levels 0, 0.14 and 0.25 J by a pendulum impact
apparatus, on changes of physicochemical properties of tomato, hybrid variety Shiva F1, including
ripening factor, wet content physical properties such as texture resistance versus shearing force ,
color and shelf life during a period of shelf life for 20 days in Temperature 11±1°C and relative
humidity 94±2 percent. It is found that when mechanical energy increase, like something results
from increasing shelf life, texture resistance decrease versus shearing force. However increasing
impact energy not only reduces firmness texture and wet content in production but also
increasing ripening factor and its color during storing time. Results show the least shelf life and
most unsuitable changes in 0.25 J samples.