An Investigation of Mass Transfer Phenomena during Osmotic Dehydration of Orange Slices


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The osmotic dehydration causes water removing from food and also a soluble solid uptake into the
foodstuffs. However, large penetration of solute into the food becomes a major problem in osmotic
Pre-coating the food to be dehydrated with an artificial, edible barrier was also explored as a way
to efficiently hinder solute penetration. In this study the effect of edible coating (CMC),
concentration of sucrose solution (50 and 60%), temperature (35, 45 ºC) of Thomson orange, as a
model fruit were studied on the factors affected of mass Transfer phenomena during osmotic
dehydration. The results showed that the soluble solid gain(SG) , water loss(WL) and productivity
ratio(WL/SG) rise with increase of temperature and solute concentration. Coating has affected
significantly on the productivity ratio