Study of Direct Adventitious Shoot Regeneration in Pomegranate ( Punicagranatum cv. MalasSaveh ) through Cotyledonary Explants


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Punicagranatum cv. Malassaveh is one of the most desirable commercial cultivars in Iran. In this
study some experiments were conducted to introduce the best hormonal treatments for direct
adventitious shoot regeneration from mentioned cultivar via cotyledonary explants. For this
purpose, both liquid and agarMurashige and Skoog (1962) (MS) medium supplemented with BA
at 2, 4.5, 9, 13 μM alone and in combination with 5.5 μM NAA or 5 μM 2,4-D were used. The
highest number of shoot per explant 8.2 and 7.9 were obtained in MS liquid and agar medium
supplemented with 13μM BA and 5.5 μM NAArespectively, although there was no significant
differences between two medium. The highest shoot length 1.65 cm was obtained from MS liquid
medium supplemented with13μM BA and 5.5 μM NAA as well. The highest rooting was obtained
in half-strength MS containing 2 mg/l IBA with 3.1 roots per explant. Rooting plantlets were
transferred to Jiffy and acclimatized after 35 days successfully.