Analysis of Socio-Cultural Obstacles for Dissemination of Nanotechnology from Agricultural Experts Perspective in Iran




The main purpose of this research was to analyze Socio-Cultural obstacles of disseminating of
nanotechnology in Iran's agricultural section. One hundred twenty eight out of a total of 190
researchers with different levels of expertise in and familiarity with nanotechnology were
randomly selected and questionnaires completed by them. Face validity have been done by expert's
suggestion and correction, reliability by using Cronbach-Alpha formula. The results of a factor
analysis showed variation for different factors. For cultural factors 19/475 percent, for
management 13/139 percent, information factor 11/277 percent, production factor 9/703 percent,
social factor 9/267 percent, and for attitude factor it became 8/947 percent. Also results indicated
that socio-cultural factors were the most important obstacle for nanotechnology dissemination in
agricultural section in Iran.