The Role of Milk Collecting Centers in Socio-Economic Situation of Dairy Animal Keepers




Most of the poor people in developing countries live in rural areas. Experience shows that in many
countries animal husbandry development and increasing investment specially is a way to challenge
the poverty in rural areas. This is obvious that, small producers have key role in dairy markets and
dairy development but they have no power to bargain and negotiate for higher prices, access to the
marketing, and up to date their knowledge and skills. They have few animals with low milk
production and low quality. In these situations, cooperatives are best choice to organizing
smallholder milk producers. With such organization smallholder milk producers are able to
increase their competition power. Milk collecting centers as a place to implementing this purpose
can play a big role. These centers in the production stage can help smallholder milk producers to
have access to the dairy animals with high quality, feeds, veterinary and other supplies. This
centers in the marketing stage, with adopting politics for example punishment and rewards politics,
and preparing training courses help to improve milk quality and to reduce milk microbial. This
article investigates the role of milk collecting center to improve smallholder milk producer's
situation, and their conditions in the Esfahan area.