Agricultural Researchers' Attitudes toward Sustainable Agriculture and its Determinants in ILAM Province, Iran




The accurate planning and management for sustainable agriculture results in appropriate behaviors of
individuals towards sustainability through changes happened in individuals’ knowledge and attitudes
of sustainability. A survey of natural resources and agricultural researchers (N = 85) was conducted in
Iranian Province of ILAM to explore their attitudes of sustainable agriculture and to identify factors
that influence these attitudes. Results showed that the attitude of the majority (63.2%) of researchers
toward sustainable agriculture was moderate and negative. Also, there were significant differences
among the researcher's attitudes towards sustainable agriculture on field of study and level of
education. Based on correlation coefficients, positive and significant relationships were found between
researchers’ work experience, the number of refereed papers published, the number of extension
papers published, the number of papers presented at national and international conferences, the
number of books published , and the number of translated books and attitude towards sustainable
agriculture. In addition, multiple regression analysis showed that three variables including the number
of books published, the number of refereed papers published, and the number of books translated
account for explaining 36 percent of variances of the dependent variable (attitude towards sustainable