Survey of yield and Bulb Quantitative and Qualititative Traits in Iranian Onion Morphotypes.




For evaluation of Iranian onion morphotypes potentials and application of them in breeding
programes, seeds of 23 Iranian onion morphotypeswere collected from East Azarbaijan (Red
Azarshahrmorphotypes), Tehran (Red Rey morphotypes), Razavi Khorasan (Red Neyshaboor
morphotypes) and Zanjan (Gholyghese morphotypes). These onion morphotypes were planted in
RCBD design in four replications in Seed and Plant Improvement Institute fromearly April 2010.
Results showed high variation in studing traits among morphotypes.Red Rey2, Azar Gokan2, Red
Rey4 and local Neyshaboor2 morphotypes had the highest yield and marketing traits, but hadno
difference among morphotypes at tissue firmness. All morphotypes had low bulb dry matter and were
not suitable for processing. Results of cluster analysis among morphotypesshowed that 23
morphotypes were clustered at 3 groups. In each cluster morphological traits of morphotypes was
adjust with their collecting location.